who we are

Getting to Know Us

SA-WIRED is a web design and development company located in Germantown, Maryland.

In business since 2011, we are a rapidly growing organization with a team of highly committed and reputable professionals, dedicated to designing and developing cutting-edge websites, mobile apps, online plugins, web-enabled statistical and analytical tools, and custom frontend/backend developments.

Our Strategy

Commitment to client goals

We are committed to helping our customers reach their goals and objectives. We guarantee the success of our customers by supplying strategic plans, marketing and business recommendations, educational materials, cost-effective approaches, software development best practices, and team collaboration.

our Mission

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to develop online-enabled, value-added products by promoting and supporting the highest levels of business competence, ethics, trust, education, quality, and customer satisfaction.

leadership team

Michael De Paula


With over 18 years in business and software-engineering experience, Michael has developed a wide-range of computer applications. His first e-commerce website was developed back when Lycos and AltaVista were the top search engines on the web >>

He has attended and participated in numerous projects around the globe and at some of the most prestigious computer science universities in the country, including Harvard. He is our go-to-guy, a problem solver, and a strategist. In his spare time, he plays his Ibanez and Les Paul guitars.

Svetlana Fatkullina

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Svetlana was born with an eye for the arts. She is an animal lover, a true caregiver, a loving person, but also a painter, an illustrator, and an artist with a capital A. She’s known for spotting the pink among the reds. As a true artist, she reveals the beauty behind our designs.

Matthew McTighe

Business Development Director

He’s a sports connoisseur who can tell you everything there is to know about the NFL, but at our company, Matt takes the lead in developing business and sales strategies, building sponsorship and partnership opportunities, and creating product value and long-term relationship with our customers.

Erick F. Bazan


This young self-reliant code-guru is never afraid to take down a task. He listens to Zeppelin and Hendrix when he is wired, and delivers state of art codes to our web projects. He skateboards and plays his acoustic guitar in his spare time.

Victoria Kurkina

Front-End Developer

Victoria is smart-witted and restuls-driven developer who specializes in HTML/CSS and Javascript. She is well-versed in converting pseudcode concepts into streamalined real coding blocks. Perceptive and shrewd, she makes complex tasks seem efortless and undemanding.

why us?

  • Low costs and high quality

    Whether you have a website that needs a refresh or are just getting started, we can help bring your business online by leveraging the latest technologies, meeting your budget, and delivering the quality you deserve.

  • We will Work Around Your Budget

    Have you ever wondered why start-ups choose widgets to develop websites instead of hiring website professionals? The answer is simple: it’s because of the high costs associated with professional development and design. Sometimes, these can cost hundreds of thousands.

    Developing and designing a website can become far too complicated for the average person. There are thousands >>

    of templates, blogs, widgets, and many other online tools that can aid you in the process, but your development and design are often tied to the limitations of these programs. Suddenly, you find the need to hire professional services. And, this is when we come in.

    We are here to take away these limitations. We offer low and sometimes zero costs to develop your web/mobile project. Our focus is on growing opportunities for people and businesses of all sizes. So, do not hesitate in asking us of what we can do for you.