How to remove G-Buster gbpsv.exe (GBPlug-in)

  • Restart Windows in Safe-Mode. Once in Safe-mode:
  • Click the Start button and in the search textbox type, regedit.
  • From the Regedit window, select computer at the top
  • Click the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+F) and search for keyword "gbieh", make sure Keys, Values and Data are selected
  • Click find Next, once the registry finds a reference to gbieh, delete the registration.
  • If the registration found is a child item, delete the very first parent, not the all way to the top of the tree, only the very next parent
  • Click F3 to continue to the next search, and continue to delete references, except for GbPluginIni where the parent is Winlogon
  • Once all the references have been removed, locate the files under: C:\Program Files (x86)\GbPlugin, and change the security of the folder.
  • To change the security, Right-Click the GbPlugin, select Properties, select the Security tab, select Everyone, click the Edit button, select the Allow checkbox for Full Control.
  • Apply the changes
  • Delete all files from C:\Program Files (x86)\GbPlugin
  • Delete or move the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Diebold
  • Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > System Configuration
  • Make sure to disable start-up for Diebold and GBPlugin (or anything related to the plugin).
  • Restart Windows

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